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Yesterday I arrived in Canada, but unfortunately I lost my voice during the flight.

I only met a part of the family up to now, but I met some other demipairs today and we went to the beaches, and the weather was nice today, but I didn't dare to go swimming with my cold.

Tomorrow school will start


7.7.08 04:02

School starts

Yesterday I had my first day at school, we made a test and got some general information, so I went home early. Then I tried to sleep a little bit, because me cold even got worse.

In the afternoon I played with Tess and went to bed early.

Today I had to get up at 6 a.m. because school was supposed to start at eight so I had to leave at 7 am.

We got our scedule today, I've got classes from 8.15 to 12.15, so I was home early,too.

Today I'm a bit tired because we have very sticky weather outside, and inside you feel cold because of the airconditioning, which seems to be nearly everywhere. 

8.7.08 21:03

1st week

Highlight: Thursday evening, we went to the CN Tower, first I was afraid of the hight but it worked out very well. we had a nice overview of Toronto.

Sunday: Prince Edward County, beautiful nature and a big lake that looks like the ocean


20.7.08 03:14


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